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Animal Edventures

We call them “Edventures” because we are combining education with adventure when you invite us to your next event! The best part of preparing for our arrival is choosing which package or animals will come to you and allow us to guide you on a journey around the world to meet incredible live animals! Our animal programs are not just Hands-on brief encounters, but fascinating and interactive adventures led by our experienced and talented Reptacular handlers! Engaging, educational, and exciting, our programs are suitable for any setting- from the classroom to your backyard for a birthday party to large corporate events. Our guides can adapt to any age group because we believe any stage of life can be enriched by our hands-on encounters with our animals! See what we have available for you!

Reptile Edventure – $525

If you prefer more scales and less fur, our reptile adventure is for you! Focusing on our ectothermic (cold-blooded) friends, this encounter puts the spotlight on snakes, lizards, tortoises, and even a few frogs and creepy crawlies. Led by one of our amazing Reptacular guides, this adventure includes hands-on encounters that will leave your guests talking for years to come.

Starts at 1 hour and comes with 12 animals which may include: snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs, and bugs; including our large boa and a large tortoise.

Reptile Petting Zoo – $650

If a formal, sit-down program doesn’t suit your needs and you want your own contained mini reptile zoo, you’ve found it. This program is great for festivals or larger events with multiple activities going on at the same time. Two of our Reptacular guides set up a fenced area where 6-10 guests can enter at a time to meet and pet our reptiles, amphibians, and even some creepy crawly bugs. Our reptile zoo even includes a large tegu lizard, a large boa constrictor, and a large tortoise!

Starts at 1 hour and comes with 12 animals which may include: snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs, and bugs; as well as a large lizard, large tortoise, and large snake.

Pocket Pet Edventures – $525

Experience the softer side of the animal kingdom by meeting and learning about hamsters, guinea pigs, fancy rats, mice, chinchillas, and rabbits. Our furry friends are more than just cuddly balls of fluff–they possess many of the same fascinating adaptations and behaviors as their wild relatives! Our Reptacular guide will show you how to bond with our sweet rodent friends through a hands-on presentation, followed by an encounter with 4-6 adorable bunnies.

Starts at 1 hour and includes 6-7 small mammals and one walk-in pen with 4-6 rabbits.

Exotic Animal Edventure- $850

Journey with us “around the world” to encounter exotic reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, and bugs on an adventure so big that we send two Reptacular guides! Learn about our species’ natural history while seeing and feeling their scales, fur, and exoskeletons up close. In addition to our smaller critters, you will meet a 3-4 ft lizard, an 8-10 foot python or boa, and a giant African-spurred tortoise!

The Exotic Animal Adventure starts at 1.5 hours and comes with 16 animals which may include: snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats, chinchillas, birds, and bugs.

Mini Exotic Animal Edventure- $550

Experience our Exotic Animal Adventure in a slightly smaller package with this program led by one spectacular Reptacular guide. Includes encounters with one of our large boas and large tortoises!

Starts at 1 hour and comes with 12 animals which may include: snakes, lizards, tortoises, frogs, birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats, chinchillas, birds, and bugs.

Creepy Crawly Edventure – $525

In this program, we take you on a wild “arthropod adventure” to meet insects, spiders, scorpions, hermit crabs, and more from diverse habitats around the world. Our guides will teach you about exoskeletons, antennae, lifecycles, pincers, stingers, and all of the amazing things that allow our creepy crawly friends to survive in the wild. Many of the animals in this program are hands-off, but you may get to hold a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach, have a tarantula on your head, watch a scorpion glow, and even witness a hermit crab race!

The Arthropod Adventure starts at one hour, and comes with 10+ animals which may include: Tarantulas, scorpions, hissing cockroaches, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, hermit crabs, beetle larvae (mealworms), and an arthropod predator such as a leopard gecko or giant bullfrog!

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Petting Zoos

This package allows you to interact with goats, sheep, an alpaca or a miniature horse, rabbits, chickens, and maybe even a miniature cow! During this package, our handlers will provide a safe and fun environment while teaching about the critters you get to pet!

Standard Petting Zoo – $550

Interact with goats, rabbits, and an alpaca or mini horse, as one of our Reptacular guides teaches you about their interesting adaptations and fun survival skills. Upon entering the main corral, our guide will show guests how to safely pet and interact with our hooved friends. In their own smaller pen, 4-6 rabbits will delight kids of all ages as they play and explore!

Starts at 1 hour and comes with 10-11 animals including goats, bunnies, chickens, and an alpaca or mini-horse.

Deluxe Petting Zoo – $850

If you have the space and more hearts to fill, we recommend upgrading to the Deluxe petting zoo. Two Reptacular guides bring even more animals to love, including a pot belly pig, and a mini cow or donkey!

Starts at 2 hours and comes with 14-15 animals including goats, bunnies, chickens, sheep, pig, alpaca, mini-horse, mini-donkey, or mini-cow.

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Nativity Zoos

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Animal Encounters

All of our animals can be booked for an hour encounter or more for extended interaction, photo shoots, and filming. Here are a few of our most common animal rentals.

Meet The Camels

It is not every day that you can meet a camel! For an hour you will get to interact with one of our camels. You are welcome to give them pets and maybe even kisses! They love when you greet them by blowing into their nostrils while telling them how beautiful they are! Our camels will make sure to make your event one to remember.

Snake Encounter

Can you take a selfie with a snake? Let’s find out when you encounter one of our beloved reptilian friends. These long-bodied models love to pose for photos, act on camera and kiss your ears with their smelling tongues! We have a variety of snake companions from lithe corn snakes to gorgeous Burmese pythons. If you haven’t met a snake or met a snake that you’ve liked, just wait until you meet our serpentine friends and you might meet your next best friend who gives incredible hugs!

Unicorn Encounter

No magical experience is complete without meeting a unicorn! Join us in the Angeles National Forest or bring a unicorn into your home, or event space to meet “Cupcake” the unicorn! He may prance for pictures or neigh for hugs, all while sharing the magic of being in the presence of a mystical creature!

These are just some of our popular requests. But all and any of our animal ambassadors are able to make an appearance in your special project. Tarantulas, 6 ft. Monitor Lizard, goats, frogs…..we’ve done it all!

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Animal Encounters class is a children’s zoology class that teaches children about the importance of the world’s wildlife and life sciences.

We are dedicated to inspiring children to grow a love and appreciation for the natural world by sharing our passion for animals and nature, so we created our Animal Encounters class to fulfill this purpose. In this class, our experienced and dynamic instructors use hands-on methods to help engage students in learning about our creature of the day. We can adjust our classes to meet the needs of any child because education is our goal. All our students will have so much fun in our classes that they won’t even realize how much they are learning!

One of our favorite experiences as instructors is when a child’s hesitation about animals in the class turns into confidence and that student will bravely hold a snake or even a slimy frog for their parents to see! We love hearing what they have learned in class and feedback from parents about how students demonstrate their new adoration for nature at home. We aspire to make a difference in our corner of the world and hope that we can encourage our younger generation to do the same.

Class Format

Every class features a different animal or a specific type of animal. We start by introducing the animal, then sharing knowledge about our creature of the day while catering to our students' age and educational level. Children are then shown how to appropriately interact with our animals under the guidance of our instructors. They will either get a chance to pet and/or handle our creature of the day. Finally, we have our highly anticipated art project about our featured animal or we get pumped up for a super fun animal-related game.


We provide education based on the age level of the students enrolled in that session’s program. Students will learn about the creature of the day’s natural habitat, their diet, as well as their care, and survival habits! Students will come away from class with a thorough understanding of terminology like omnivore, nocturnal, and know the characteristics of a mammal or a reptile. Animal Encounters class will help alleviate fear of nature by advancing understanding as well as teach children to value animals. We hope all students leave our classes with a respect for all living creatures, big and small.


Reptacular Animals currently has over 200 animals serving all of southern California. We have the largest variety of kid-friendly animals of any company by far! By having so many different animals we always have new animals to share with the kids so the class always stays fresh and exciting. Our animals include exotic reptiles, furry critters, spectacular parrots, and farm animals. Please check out our animal galleries to meet many of our Reptacular animals! All of our animals are a part of our Reptacular family and have been raised with love and expertise.

Art Projects

During our classes, students create amazing projects corresponding to the featured animal of the day as a memento to take home. Some examples include imitating patterns from a tortoise’s shell, figuring out how to paint the texture of a chinchilla’s fur, or creating a parrot that balances on your finger.


We also like to mix it up in order to address the different interests of our students. Sometimes instead of an art project, we play games based on the featured animal of the day. A super popular one is the Great Hamster Ball Race! Sometimes on Hamster Day, we put our adorable fluffy friends in their hamster balls, and off they go! It’s more like an insanely funny version of bumper cars with hamsters going in every direction trying to cross our taped-off finish line. Some hamsters stop to wash their face or even take a nap! Hamster day is always a favorite one with the students!

Time, Session Length, Minimums, and Maximums

Animal Encounters meets for one hour every week. We suggest running a longer enrichment session because it gives the students a clearer understanding of the diversity of the animal world. However, we can work with whatever schedule your school’s current after-school enrichment program has.

Multiple Sessions

Every session includes different animals since our class is so popular we always have many repeat students. Of course, a few favorites are always requested and brought back every so often but never in the same session. We find that the kids love this class, and we encourage the school to offer Animal Encounters all year long rather than skipping sessions.

Service Areas

We normally run the Animal Encounters class all around the greater Los Angeles area. If a school is farther than 10 miles away from our ranch in Sylmar, we might still run the class but have a higher minimum of enrollment to offset travel expenses for the instructor.

Campus Usage

We need the campus to provide a space for the class to meet. A private classroom works best for us. We can hold the class in a multi-purpose room or outdoors if needed, but tables and chairs are always necessary. Also by not having a private classroom, animals always attract a lot of interested bystanders and can deter attention from the class for the enrolled students. And art projects can be challenging outdoors as well.

Target Age Group

Our standard Animal Encounters classes are designed for elementary students from kindergarten to fifth grade. We gear the educational material and projects for the actual capability of students who sign up for each session. We also modify our program for preschoolers and older students, too!


For price info please contact our Education Coordinator at


We hire amazing teachers that love what they do! All instructors teach Animal Encounters classes as well as perform hands-on animal shows for birthday parties, schools, and events. Each dynamic instructor is great with kids and loves the animals! Animal Encounters has run classes at over 40 private, charter, and public schools in the greater Los Angeles area. We’ve also serviced hundreds of schools and preschools through our Edventures and camp classes.

Liability Insurance

Reptacular Animals carries a $2 million liability policy. Please feel free to ask for a copy. If your school wants to be added as an additional insured that is not a problem. Most verbiage and coverage is a fee of $35 for the year.

How To Bring Animal Encounters To Your School

For additional information please email our Education Coordinator at or call our office at 818-727-1594.

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Interact virtually with our amazing animals through
Reptacular Edventure Virtual Classes

You can now interact virtually with our animals from the comfort of your own home or classroom. During each virtual class, we provide an educational live presentation, where an instructor is available to answer your questions. This allows us to provide an experience to fit your needs no matter where you are located.

Standard Classes

30 Minute Standard Class: $75
This class consists of 4-6 animals: reptiles, small mammals, bugs, amphibians or birds. We can cater to a more specific theme for each class however a mixture of animals is our most popular!

1 Hour Standard Class: $125
The hour class includes everything in the 30-minute class PLUS a “draw the animal” component OR more animals of your choice. The hour class is recommended for schools or the very inquisitive learner as that gives us the ability to answer more questions and provided more information per animal.

Farm Animal Classes

30 Minute Farm Animal Class: $125
This class consists of 4 animals: 2 Large farm animals (mini horse, alpaca, donkey, or cow), a goat, and a bunny.

1 Hour Farm Animal Class: $195
The hour class includes everything in the 30-minute class PLUS a “draw the animal” component OR more animals of your choice. The hour class is recommended for schools or the very inquisitive learner as that gives us the ability to answer more questions and provided more information per animal.

Farm Animal Plus One Camel Classes

30 Minute Farm Animal Plus One Camel Class: $150
This class consists of 4 animals: a camel, a goat, a sheep, and a large farm animal (mini horse, alpaca, donkey, or cow).

1 Hour Farm Animal Plus One Camel Class: $225
The hour class includes everything in the 30-minute class PLUS a “draw the animal” component OR more animals of your choice. The hour class is recommended for schools or the very inquisitive learner as that gives us the ability to answer more questions and provided more information per animal.

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Additional Fees

Travel Charges
Anything over 10 miles from our location will have a travel fee. Call or email our office to find out what that will be.

EZ-Up Tents
If your location has no shade, we provide EZ-Up tents at $25 each. Please keep in mind if we arrive to the location and there is no shade, we will not set up for the safety of the animals and full payment will be required.

Tarp and Hay
Added tarp and hay is $100 to protect your grounds. Keep in mind that some events might require this in order to assure animals are comfortable while they are visiting you.

Additional Insurance
Some locations require we add them to our insurance. Typical verbiage and coverage are an additional $35.
We are fully insured and permitted, but there are a few cities and locations that require additional permits than the ones we already have. Keep in mind that this is very rare. Any additional insurance or permits will need to be covered by the customer.
Please call the office to find out the details of what your location requires.

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